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Lutheran Mission Must Lead to Lutheran Churches

About Us

The Evangelical Lutheran Mission Society for the Chinese (ELMSC) is organized around the old Bleckmar Mission motto of “Lutheran missions must lead to Lutheran churches.”  The society exists to support the formation and strengthening of Confessional Lutheran Chinese churches worldwide, in part through Lutheran Chinese pastoral formation and the development of Lutheran Chinese theological resources.

The ELMSC is officially incorporating during the 100-year anniversary year of the previous “Evangelical Lutheran Mission Society for China” sending their first missionary to China, Rev. Edward L. Arndt, in 1913.  In 1917, the work of this initial society was subsumed by the LCMS.  The present society is being formed because of the current need within the LCMS to focus resources specifically toward the establishment and strengthening of truly confessional Lutheran Chinese churches.

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The society logo uses as its base Luther’s seal.  Below the seal are traditional Chinese characters which read, “On account of Christ, through faith, declared righteous.”  Within the heart is a cross which has a Chinese character superimposed on it.  The Chinese character means “come.”  The idea that the logo expresses is that Christ comes to the human heart through the proclamation of the Gospel message.  The words at the bottom summarize article four of the Augsburg Confession.  When that Gospel message is proclaimed through the preaching office, the Holy Spirit works faith in Christ when and where He pleases (article five).

Partial List of Names of Board of Directors:

Mr. James Claybourn
Rev. Thomas Dunseth
Mrs. Eunice Hausler
Rev. Clinton Hoff
Rev. Stephen Kieser
Rev. Dr. Michael Paul
Rev. Richard Woelmer

The society was formally incorporated in the State of Indiana in April, 2013. In May 2014, the society become an official federal non-profit, tax-exempt (501c3) organization. The society now plans to apply for Recognized Service Organization (RSO) status within the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS).